Toxic love

Hey guys, In my last article I talked about your personal identity in a couple that you can easily lose when you are in a toxic relationship. We all hear the phrase of a toxic relationship, everyone wants to avoid it, everyone knows the theory .. but what really happens in such a relationship and... Citește în continuare →


Identitatea personala in cuplu

Hei dragilor, Astazi mi-am vizitat una dintre cele mai drage prietene si dintr-o vorba in alta am ajuns sa discutam despre relatii si despre propia identitate intr-o relatie si asa a luat nastere articolul de astazi. Din punctul meu de vedere, o relatie este mediul cel mai favorabil in care inveti sa te pui in... Citește în continuare →

Boy wonderlove and his magic

*100 years from now* First article about BOY WONDERLOVE appeared today in the local newspaper. For those who don’t know who BOY WONDERLOVE is, please check the article below” this was written on the flyers that were distributed throughout the city. „The BOY WONDERLOVE appeared from nowhere, nobody seems to know who their parents are,... Citește în continuare →

The love of your life

Hey guys,   Love overcomes everything. If it is true.  And true love is the one that consumes you,  is intense, complicated, and no matter what you do, it will always bring you back. And that's what I call the "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE".   The love of your life will  only come  after the... Citește în continuare →

Find your soulmate

Hey guys. Let’s talk about something that i think everybody needs in their life: the right person! Did you ever thought about the right person? That person who can make you smile in just a minute? That person who you want to marry with? That person who represents you? Maybe i am a foolish, but... Citește în continuare →

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